Here is what I know on this snow day – 1/27/2009

1. Stanley’s Driving School is closed and their classes are cancelled. With two teenage drivers in the family, I believe Stanley to be a wise man,

2. The Open Door Food Pantry is closed – they should change their name.

3. At 5:27, my husband looked out the window and said, there’s really not that much snow out there. At 5:28, the school called to cancel classes for the day. At 6:30, the newspaperman had made it through the street and the plow had not. At 7:00, I began shoveling five inches of snow.

4. On the local TV station website, the number of cancellations were closing in on 500. I may need to adjust that figure later, when the Get Fit with Frannie class shows up scrolling across my screen. However I did just notice that Curves in Kentucky is closed and that will directly impact their state’s fitness goals.

5. Following the webcam mounted on the TV truck of the Fox News Channel is making me car sick, like I am on a roller coaster called “The Cut in the Hill”.

6. The Christ hospital, the one hospital that “stands about all the rest”, is canceling their afternoon outpatient clinic appointments. Their tai chi class is cancelled as well. If you have ever waited in the outpatient of a hospital, you know you can’t have one without the other.

7. The Clermont Recovery Center and the Office of Comprehensive Counseling are closed. They work to offer support for alcohol and drug abuse. I hope they’re open tomorrow, I’ll need it to recover from being at home with the kids today. Do you know how hard it is to get kids motivated to go shovel the driveway so that you can drive them to go sledding on a day when the buses couldn’t get moving and somehow you are supposed to.

8. The winter storm advisory has forced organizers to cancel a class on weather spotting where students are taught to observe and identify different types of clouds, dust whirls, rain shafts and tornado related conditions. Apparently, it does not apply to snow storms which is too bad because they would have hands on experience today!

9. My friend Carol is venturing out to feed the birds and calling that an accomplishment.

10. I laughed at yesterday’s headlines, “Expect Big Crowds in the Milk Aisle Before Nightfall” – words that created panic at the grocery store. Now, not laughing as that last jug of milk in the extra frig is past due. Perhaps a little sugar will help.


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