Morning Question

Morning Question Mark

The fog persists,
weeping over newly pink phlox,
blanketing the morning commute
of nearby birds, and their pond.

Squawking of ducks and geese
breaks the silence
the fog has laid down.

They are not brave enough
to test the cold dawn water,
kill what lies beneath.

Only the heron,
its long silhouette forming
 a question mark
wades steady on his pointed feet
then pokes his beak through
water’s mirror
undaunted by what he might see,
going after only what he must
to stay alive.

The geese gaggle,
clucking in off beat tones,
chiding the heron for such an act.
The ducks sit ringside,
marveling at such brashness,
reticent to move.

Moments later,
the geese carry on, find
elsewhere to gather.
A dozen ducks cluster
move further around
the bank’s tangled muck.

Only the heron understands
how we all fly alone.

AJW 4/30/13

Symmes Park, while pondering the heart
of one young man who attempted to take his own life.


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