About Annette

About Annette

annette-purple-author-photo*Nominated, CityBest Best of 2015- 2017 – Local Author *

Annette Januzzi Wick writes with an authentic voice, stemming from experience of leading and connecting in various communities through creativity and words.

Her passion for developing links, for rooting people to a certain place, is evident in her writing and her life and conversations among inner city residents, long-time and new and issues that are not always apparent on the surface but drive straight to the heart of humanity.

She a writer, teacher, blogger and connector. Her book, I’ll Be in the Car: One Woman’s Story of Love, Loss and Reclaiming Life, was acquired for all offices of Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Moved by her mother’s disease, she created Found Voices writing circles at Cincinnati’s renowned Alois Alzheimer Center, to capture resident’s words and has also produced content with Cincinnati’s Poet Laureate, Pauletta Hansel, for the Alzheimer’s Association.

She was a Kickstarter contributor to Alive Inside, a Sundance Audience Award winner, and also produced a thirty-day blog, Dementia Generation, for Alzheimer’s Awareness month. Her work with dementia field moved into the personal realm and she blogs about the experience with her mother at Find You in the Sun

For a complete review of Annette’s current work, including poetry listings, publications and current work that feeds the other side of her life, visit www.annettejanuzziwick.com. Otherwise, read on!

For Women Writing for (a) Change @, she facilitated writing circles for women, young adults experiencing disabilities and homelessness, co-founded community-based Write Me, I’m Yours, and produces writing-related events, including a poetry series, Meaningful Mondays.

She lives with her husband, Mark, with whom she merged three wonderful girls and one lucky boy into a blended family. As empty-nesters, they recentlyAnnette Photo moved to Over-the-Rhine, once considered one of the nation’s most dangerous neighborhood’s, and renovated an 1870’s Italianate style home. She began a blog after the move as witness to the city’s transformation and mine – Getting’ My City On. She is proud to call herself a torchbearer for the resurgence happening in the neighborhood and is an enthusiastic supporter of the city’s core.


Other Occupational Hazards

While pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Annette took an English Composition course where students were given a free-write assignment. She penned a piece about her Grandpa Januzzi. After her grandmother had died, Grandpa used to visit, and take his grandchildren for rides in his silver Cadillac. When she turned eighteen, her grandfather fell ill. She visited him one Sunday in the hospital, and was there, alone, when he took his last breath. The family incurred additional losses after his death. Writing the essay about him set her on the journey of observing loss and celebrating breath.

Following graduation, she spent several years in the technology field as a programmer, recruiter, sales coordinator and web developer. When she transitioned away from computer field, she opened Espressway drive-through coffee bar, Cincinnati’s first.

Following the death of her first husband, she discovered the therapeutic benefits to writing and sharing words in community, and compiled her writings about grief into a published work.

While raising her son, she returned to freelance work, developing websites, and part-time, for Women Writing for a Change® (WWfaC). WWfaC is non-profit, creative writing center for women from all walks of life. In the past fourteen years, she has been named Energetic Arts Volunteer, served on the board, produced The Podcast Edition available on iTunes and acted in a marketing volunteer capacity.

She is one of a core group of facilitators, certified in the practices of WWfaC, who regularly lead workshops and classes for a wide demographic in Greater Cincinnati, including Alzheimer’s individuals, students with developmental and learning disabilities, and young women’s classes.


Other Afflilations

Impact 100 – Women’s non-profit funding transformational grants, with 15 chapters nationwide. Selection committee member – 2012-2016.

Starfire U. – With developmentally disabled young adults, a mentor, committee member for Write Me, I’m Yours, a community-wide writing journal project and ongoing writing circle – 2013-2016.

Community of Stories – Mentor, for students and clients of inner city non-profits to write together in community – 2014 & 2015 & 2016.

Findlay Market, Cincinnati’s public market – Volunteer – 2014-2016, Slam Judge.

Cincinnati Visitor’s Bureau – Volunteer – 2012.

Over-The-Rhine Community Housing – Volunteer for annual fundraiser, co-creator / poetry coordinator. “You Belong” theme – 2014.

Over-The-Rhine Community Council – Member. Renovated 1870’s Italianate style home in Over-the-Rhine, named most dangerous neighborhood in America in 2010. Member since 2013.


One response to “About Annette

  1. Ray Sinclair

    Hi Annette,
    I found you and your writing. I enjoyed reading Unintended Consequences and My Mother Lied, although enjoy is not quite the right word — tough subjects. You get very human moments across quite effectively. I’m so sorry to read about your mother’s suffering. She is lucky to have you around. I’ll have to get to the rest of your posts.

    You have a very impressive bio too. You’ll have to coach me on where to go to hear the best in oral performance groups. Do you ever go to the event at the Woodward Theatre? The Grenwich?

    Ray Sinclair


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