An Honor Roll

An Honor Roll

Mom is in the hospital this Christmas. A lack of eating, depression, dementia, or a bad combination of meds. No one is certain at this point. In consideration of the years she spent toiling over her Christmas cookies, here is an honor roll…of sorts. For those who were never the beneficiary of her fine tastes, well, I am truly sorry. You missed out.

1. Biscotti
2. Pizelles
3. Twists – Paul’s favs
4. Corn Flake Wreaths
5. Pecan Cups
6. Nut rolls
7. Nuthorns – B’s favorites
8. Chocolate Chip cookies
9. M and M cookies
10. Peanut Butter cookies with Kisses on top
11. Sour Cream Drops
12. Italian balls
13. Fudge
14. Bowties
15. Sugar Cookie Cutouts
16. Gingerbread Men
17. Italian knots
18. Chocolate Crinkles
19. Totos – my favs
20. Rosettes
21. Buckeyes
22. Pinwheels
23. Cookie Press cookies
24. Church windows
25. Thumbprint cookies
26. Candy Cane cookies

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